Sunday, December 02, 2007

National Cross Country Results

Several athletes from the province competed in the Canadian Cross Country Championships yesterday in Guelph, Ontario.

In the junior men's 8k race Ryan Brockerville finished 25th out of 200 in a time of 26 minutes 51.4 seconds. Brockerville was the second finisher from Atlantic Canada. Patrick O'Grady finished 108th in 28:35.8 and was fourth among Atlantic runners while fourteen-year-old Liam Delaney was 192nd in 32:06.5 .

In the senior men's race over 10 kilometers Colin Fewer was 14th overall in 31 Minutes 7.2 seconds. He was the second finisher for Atlantic Canada while Grant Handrigan was 32:43.8 (fourth Atlantic finisher). Eighty-five runners completed the senior race.

Story By Ray Will