Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fewer, Pomeroy Full Tilt In Labrador

Emily Osmond, Pete Soucy, The Trapper, Paul Fewer, Laura Pomeroy

Paul Fewer
was first in this morning's Trapline Marathon finishing in 3 hours 30 minutes while Laura Pomeroy was first for the ladies about 10 minutes later.

In the half marathon Pete Soucy ran 1:25 for the win and Emily Osmond was the first lady across in 1:59.

Conditions were ideal with the temperature ranging from 2-12 degrees , zero wind, not a cloud in the sky, and spectacular Labrador scenery. Organizers and volunteers put off an excellent event with a safe course, ample aid stations, and at the finish line all the traditional Labrador food you could eat including flummies, smoked salmon and arctic char! The day will be capped off with a steak dinner and awards reception this evening. Full results are HERE.

If an early fall marathon or half marathon is in your future the Trapline is surely the one for you.