Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Virtual Squid Jiggers Trail Run

Our friends from away Tony Brathwaite and David McConkey have started a virtual trail run to raise funds for the Change Islands Youth Association. Following description is from their Facebook Event:
"The Virtual Squid Jigger's Trail Run/Walk/Hike 6K is in support of youth living in Change Islands, Newfoundland. You are encouraged to participate by doing a run/walk/hike of 6K distance anytime/anywhere and making a pledge payable to the Change Islands Youth Association Inc. Once you run 6K, your donation will move us further around the Squid Jiggers Loop at a rate of $3.33 per 10 meters. Don't worry ... you do the 6K and donate ... we will do the math and move us along the trail."
Email your pledge (any amount) along with a brief summary of your run to David at sunshyne@nexicom.net. He will provide a mailing address for your cheque.