Thursday, November 26, 2009

Liam's Race Report

Read this race report excerpt from Liam Delaney on the antics from a recent race!
Hi NL RUNNING Things are great! I am off to cross country nationals on Saturday! I've had an eventful year no doubt about that! I had a lot of consistent results early in the season, and then they started to improve later, I worked very hard right up until OFSAA.

It was a race I'll never forget, nor do I want to. I started the race like any other and 200m in lost my shoe... and with 200 bodies behind me pushing me forward I couldn't stop to get it. I continued on, and ran the whole 7km cross country with one single shoe, now unlucky enough for me the race was based on chip timing and I had lost the shoe with my chip on it. Then my luck turned around, a volunteer handed me my shoe in the final 100m for me to smack it on the mat to bring in an 83rd out of 262 participants finishing 3rd out of 5 on my team.

I then had to do 4 half hour sessions of laser therapy, to re-build the tissue in my foot, I was after bruising my heel bone and my plantar faschis (sp?). I was happy with the result considering!

I ran another provincial meet the next weekend, OTFA's, and finished 57th out of about 140. I then had to do 1 more session of laser. After all this I ran last weekend at an indoor meet in Ottawa taking the first 5 laps easy and planning to race the last mile. I came in with a time of 9:25 a full 14 seconds better then the 9:39 I ran this past summer. I plan to go out hard at Nationals, and see where it gets me.

Cheers, Liam.