Monday, September 24, 2012

Huffin Puffin Results

Jason White was the overall winner in Sunday's Huffin Puffin Marathon, conquering the 42.2 kilometer road race in 2 hours 52 minutes 4 seconds. Second place went to Ed Durnford in 2:54:39 with Shawn Stratton third in 2:57:53.

The women's race was won by Stephanie Jill Hodge who flew in from New York to reclaim her title from nearly a decade ago, winning Sunday in 3:11:35. Joannie Neveu was second in 3:40:02 with Gaye Roberts third in 3:40:31.

In the Provincial Half Marathon Jeff Penton scored the victory in 1 hour 22 minutes, with Trent Burden second in 1:24:41 and Jeff Collingwood third in 1:25:14. The women's half marathon title went to former marathon champ Allison Hobeika in 1:26:30 with Alexandra Stratton second in 1:35:19 and Karen Penwell third in 1:36:58.

The Ekiden Marathon Team Relay event was swept by Athletics NorthEast with first place going to ANE Rookies (Derrick Roul, Christopher Jackman, Melvin Layden and Paul Bassler) in 2:39:30. Second place was ANE Red/White Express (Derek Galway, Joanne Taylor, Sheila Collins and Art Meaney) in 3:06:07, and third place PJs (Josee Hotton, Joanna Harris, Janet Angel and Paul Shea) in 3:09:40.

With a HUGE growth in participation, mainly due to the introduction of the Ekiden Marathon Team Relay 3 years ago, the 2012 Huffin Puffin saw a record 451 registrations!

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Picture credit to George Stanoev and the NLAA (foggy, cool start but sunny, warm finish!)