Monday, April 15, 2013

NL Runners In Boston

As you probably heard there was trouble at the finish line at the Boston Marathon today with an explosion of some sort at around 4:10 4:20pm our time. Here are the finishing chip times for the NL Runners who ran today (and the time of day they finished NST our time):
  • Shawn Lewis 2:54:31 (finished around 2:25pm)
  • Shawn Stratton 3:15:44 (finished around 2:47pm)
  • Michael Jong 3:19:47 (finished around 3:12pm)
  • Gaye Roberts 3:35:05 (finished around 3:30pm)
  • Kyna Squarey 3:35:42 (finished around 3:28pm)
  • Josee Hotton 3:36:30 (finished around 3:33pm)
  • Keith Barrington 3:44:48 (finished around 3:39pm)
  • Eugene Muller 3:47:12 (finished around 3:59pm)
  • Michelle Mesh 3:56:09 (finished around 3:28 3:53pm)
  • Linda Hensman (40k mark at 4:19pm)
  • Judy Sheppard (40k mark at 4:19pm)
  • Dean Simon (40k mark at 4:24pm)
Note that Linda and Judy were just passing the 40k mark at the time of the finish line explosions, and Dean was 5 minutes behind them. Shawn has been in touch to say he was about 200 meters away from the explosion and is fine. Will update on others as news comes in.