Sunday, June 02, 2013

PBs & Records All Around In Garnish

Ryan Brockerville won his fifth victory in the CHCM Timex 10K in Garnish on Saturday with a personal best course time of 31 minutes 55 seconds. Lisa Collins-Sheppard emerged as the newest female winner in 37:31 and was 4th overall.

Three course records were posted ... Murdock Hiscock won the male 70+ category in 44:55 beating the previous course record by more than 9 minutes. Florence Barron became the first female 70+ runner to run the course, with a time of 56:32. And Cathy Andrews set a new course record winning the female 60+ age category in 58:48 beating the previous record by more than a minute. And another record was the 153 finishers!

Results are HERE.