Sunday, September 22, 2013

Huffin Puffin Results

Ian Royle won Sunday's Huffin' Puffin Provincial Marathon completing the 42.2 kilometer course in 2:39:53 seconds. First place female was Erin Sullivan in 3:53:00.

The event also featured a Half Marathon which was claimed by Don Fagan in 1:22:58 with Alison Walsh securing the ladies title in 1:25:58.

And the hugely popular Marathon Team Relay was won by ANE: Meaney's Minions (Mark Hayward, Joanne Taylor, Krissy Dooling  and Art Meaney) in 3:06:56.

Results for all 411 finishers are available at the following links:

Pictured: Yvonne Martin and Joan Hartery sprint to the finish.