Monday, August 04, 2014

Commander Gander Results & Pictures

Joe Dunford won the Commander Gander 10K on Saturday in 36:18 followed by Gary Monaghan in 37:55 and Gunner Falke in 38:14. First for the women was Noleen King in 46:18, then Jade Roberts in 47:10 and Heather Jones in 48:21.

In the 5K men's race it was Ryan Brockerville in 15:36, Patrick McIlroy in 16:47 and Jon-Erik Kawamoto in 18:49. Winning for the women was Julia Kawamoto in 17:23 followed by Krista Ielo in 23:51 and Melissa Blackler in 24:33.

Results for all 138 finishers are available HERE. And thanks to Hubert McGrath for providing some very nice pictures in THIS ALBUM.