Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ben Dunne Receives Ian Ash Memorial Award (UPDATED)

The winner of the Ian Ash Memorial Award for 2014 is the legendary Ben Dunne.

Ben (pictured left) accepted the award from Chair John Ryan at the reception for the Cape to Cabot on Sunday. Art Meaney described Ben as “one of those talented runners from the Southern Shore.”

Ben is the leading force behind the Turkey Tea Timex 10k road race and has been involved in running and countless other sporting activities for the past fifty years.


Here's some of what Art had to say about Ben at the ceremony:
"Ben Dunne can claim to be the Father of five races and as well to be one of Newfoundland's best runners in the 1960's and 70's. He created the Mobile 10-mile, the Renews to Ferryland 20k (a forerunner to Cape to Cabot), the Northern Bay 5-mile, and more recently the province's fastest 10k race, the Turkey Tea, as well as the Remembrance Day Run. Ben was one of those Southern Shore boys who with the Ryan brothers and others, ran Cross Country for Memorial in the 1960's and dominated road racing in the 1970's. He won the Tely 10 in 1975, continued to be a top flight cross country runner and as well, became a formidable marathoner. Ben Dunne is a special person for me because when I returned to running in the 1970's after a time away from the sport, he gave me advice, support and encouragement that helped me to become a successful runner. Ben, thank you for all your help; I was humbled that a runner I thought a legend, could be so generous. You are a member of the NLAA Hall of Fame and a major figure in the history of our sport and richly deserve the Ian Ash Award."