Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cape To Cabot Speaker Series This Saturday

The 3rd annual Cape to Cabot Speaker Series takes place this Saturday October 18 from 2pm-4:30pm at MacDonald Drive Junior High.

There is no charge and you could win a $100 gift certificate donated by LeGros and Motti. Here's the lineup:

  • 2pm Art Meaney: former Tely 10 champ speaking on proper running form and running while aging;
  • 2:30pm Nancy Winchester: having run 42 marathons Nancy will give a talk entitled "How Far Was That Marathon? Stories of training, motivation, and managing nerves and non-running friends over 1100.4 miles in convenient 26.2 mile increments";
  • 3pm Derrick Roul: diagnosed with leukaemia in 2012, Derrick will speak on the importance of family, friends and running buddies in his fight to be cancer free and get back on his running feet;
  • 3:30pm Keith Butler and John Grant: a formidable racing team with Keith pushing John in a custom-made racing chair. Their talk will focus on the 2014 Boston marathon, the logistics of getting to the start line, the challenge of pushing a 200-plus-pound chair with virtually no training and the thrill of running alongside Team Hoyt in their final Boston Marathon.
  • 4pm: Panel Discussion with Caroline McIlroy, ultra-marathoner who recently ran 190 km of the East Coast Trail in 30 hours, Patrick Dalton who has transformed himself from an overweight smoker into a lean mean IronMan who competes nationally against world-class triathletes, and Florence Barron, a 76-year-old two-time Tely 10 record holder.