Thursday, June 22, 2017

USR Pictures & Results

Our long-time photo contributor Paul Lahey has resurfaced with some exceptional pictures from the recent Uniformed Services Races. Click the following links to view:

Mark Green was the 10K winner in 34:25 followed by Peter Power (35:33) and Trevor Trahey (38:09). For the ladies in the 10K it was Jennifer Barron in 1st place (39:44) then Amanda Wilkins (40:11) and Shantel Lockyer (40:45).

Ian Royle won the Half Marathon in 1:16:16 followed by Peter Bazeley (1:16:55) and Jason Guy (1:20:21). For the ladies it was Jennifer Murrin in 1:23:25, Alison Walsh (1:30:12) and Melanie van Soeren (1:33:49).

The event also featured a Half Marathon Relay with "MUN XC" (Michael Scott, Zach Putt & Seamus Boyd-Porter) winning in 1:16:19. 2nd place was "Ginger Sandwich" (Levi Moulton, Evan Knight & Eric Knight) in 1:18:45, and 3rd went to "Newman Sound Runners" (Tom Dunne, Adrian Smith & Keith Matthews) in 1:29:29.

CLICK HERE for all results.