Thursday, October 05, 2017

Cape To Cabot Health Expo Oct 14

All are welcome at the Orangetheory Fitness Cape to Cabot 2017 Health Expo on Saturday October 14 from 1-5pm at the Marine Institute on Ridge Road.

Special Guest Speaker Mark Nichols, 2017 World Curling Championship and Team Canada team member, will speak on "Fitness at Any Level" starting 2pm in Hampden Hall.

Running related health and product vendors include Orangetheory Fitness, Outfitters Adventures, Splash n Dash, YMCA, Active Health Chiropractic, The Healthy Root, Canadian Mental Health Association, Avalon Laser Health, Live Without Pain, Premier Athletic Therapy, Voxxlife Socks, Nova Physiotherapy, Core Insight, Academy Canada Massage Therapy, Running Room, Gina Rideout, Robyn Reynolds RMT, Canadian Cancer Society, Forever Living, Winterholme, Crossfit Islander and Lululemon.

For more info contact Race Director Guy Beazley 709-722-0184, or Health Expo Co-Ordinator Karen Stacey

And be sure to use the hashtag #CapetoCabot2017 with any of your social media activity!