Monday, October 23, 2017

Susan Matthews Receives Ian Ash Memorial Award

Susan Matthews is the recipient of the 2017 Ian Ash Memorial Award, having "given selflessly to the sport of running and through it to the community at large, as did Ian". Selection committee chair John Ryan had the following to say:

'I would like to congratulate Susan Matthews as the winner of the Ian Ash Memorial Award 2017. Susan is a keen volunteer at many running events. She also volunteers at many activities outside the world of running. Susan is probably best known for starting the organization “Taking Strides” which eventually became associated with the R.E.A.L Program (Recreation, Experience, and Leisure) of St. John’s. This program has helped numerous young people to get involved in sports. Her passion for helping others was obvious by the words she spoke when she accepted the award at the recent reception for the Cape to Cabot 10k Road Race. Please join me in supporting and congratulating Susan. I would also like to thank all of those who submitted such excellent nominations – there are so many people doing so much in our community!"