Sunday, July 29, 2018

Terry Fox Runs September 16


On April 12 1980 Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope right here in Newfoundland Labrador and proceeded to inspire Canada by running a marathon a day. He had an original goal of raising one million dollars for cancer research but an amazing response in Port aux Basques (a donation of $1 for every person in the community for $10,000) encouraged him to change his goal. He wanted each person in Canada to donate $1 and in the end raise twenty-four million dollars for cancer research.

During a span of 143 days and 5373 kilometers, the Marathon of Hope took Terry though six provinces but on September 1 1980 he had to stop running as the cancer had returned in his lungs. He died a few months later.

Today, 38 years after Terry began his journey, more than one-million people take part in over 9000 Terry Fox Runs in 32 countries around the world and more than seven hundred and fifty million dollars has been raised for cancer research.

On Sunday September 16, Terry Fox Runs will take place in more than 35 locations across the province. Visit to find the run nearest you and register today!