Monday, June 17, 2019

USR Results & Pictures

The Uniformed Services Races were held on Sunday featuring a 10k, Half Marathon, and Team Relay (Half Marathon).

Mark Greene was the 10K winner in 34:20 followed by Nick Snow (34:33) and Peter Power (35:50). For the ladies in the 10K it was Julia Howard in 1st place (37:08) then Sarah Molloy (40:52) and Margo Soucy (44:40).

David Freake won the Half Marathon in 1:12:37 followed by Zach Putt (1:16:36) and Ian Royle (1:17:19). For the ladies it was Jennifer Murrin in 1:17:37, Anne Johnston (1:19:45) and Janelle Simmons (1:28:24).

The winning team in the Half Marathon Relay was "RUN DNC" (Norbert Lake, Chris Ryan & Darrin Goulding) winning in 1:25:00.

And for the Battle of the Badges with combined best placings by participants in either event, the winning organization was the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, beating out NL Corrections and the St. John's Regional Fire Department.

Photo credit Greg Greening. CLICK HERE for his album.