Saturday, April 19, 2008

NL Runners To Ottawa; Iceland

Many NL Runners will converge on Ottawa May 25th for the ING Ottawa Marathon. Among them will be:
  1. John Curran
  2. Alison Jones
  3. Tony Poole
  4. Ray Laite (1st)
  5. Connie Pilgrim (1st)
  6. Janet Furey
  7. Betty McKenna (1st)
  8. Karen Slaney (1st)
  9. Brenda Lee Steele
  10. Kim Sullivan (1st)
  11. Karen Mearow
  12. Chantal March (1st)
  13. Gerard Fleet (1st)
  14. Marlene Curran
  15. Penne Dyer (1st)
  16. Nat Pollock (1st)
  17. Kimberly Skinner
  18. Marie Baggs
  19. Mike Hayward
  20. Donna Power
  21. Susan Costello (1st)
  22. Moss Norman (1st)
  23. LeAnne Petherick (1st)
  24. Joe Durnford
Heather Hiscock will be doing the Ottawa Half Marathon.

And Helen Couves will be running the Reykjavik Marathon in Iceland this August. How cool is that !?

Thanks to Tony Poole for the information. Check out all our Running Away posts HERE.