Monday, September 22, 2014

Huffin' Puffin Results & Finish Line Pictures

Ed Durnford won Sunday's Huffin' Puffin Marathon, battling the breeze on the Goulds Bypass road yet still managing to break 3 hours with finishing time of 2:51:42. First lady to cross the line was Janet Quick in 3:32:05.

In the Half Marathon it was Michael King for the win in 1:15:09 and Jennifer Murrin for the ladies in 1:25:48.

The Marathon Team Relay winners were Melvin Layden, Garry Monaghan, Christopher Jackman and Derrick Roul, running as the "ANE Juniors" and covering the 42.2k course in 2:46:12.

All in all 558 runners finished the race ... a big-time participation record! Results and finish line pictures are available at